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The map link below was posted August 18. It's not such a great map. It's a baseline, a minimum.
Do we have this much going on, or are we failing to choose our future?
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such as this map of society's creative process .
This blog is about doing an inventory of life, our future, our home, and what we're doing to create it.
. Here it is: Blog 2 of 6
How can we pay?
Each generation is calling the dance and the tune for future generations by what priorities we choose to learn, teach, reward, borrow, build, or destroy.
Things are changing. We can make a creative map of the road to our future world. Creative choices enter at many stages of human society. Owners and citizens have the most authority. Designers have the most technical information about possibilities. Executives have much pressure. Everyone suffers when the other levels don't try hard enough, but workers, being pressed both by their labor and lower wages, probably suffer the most from lack of creative future-building.
Map (commentary)
Click here for an example of the map of society's creative process.

A map is a metaphor. A map is not the land itself. No map shows everything on the landscape. A map does not carry us or perform any work. So this map is humbly offered, not as a grand vision but as a plain map.
This map to the future is about abstract functions which already exist on our landscape. By mapping, we see the big picture more clearly. Human organizations will do things to the landscape. Maps that arrive sooner…. can enable us to ponder that... for a longer amount of time before that future arrives.
Quality Control requires opposition. Alliances are good. Team work is good. And still, consensus-building can short-circuit quality control. Independent evaluators are needed whose source of support is completely independent of the alliances. Real-world problems arise and “regulators” are not always independent or appreciated by the public.
From one person’s point of view, Relativity may seem invalid and of little use, and for a purely personal purpose, it can be so. Point of view is key to interpretation.
** Emergency! Survival! Do you believe we are facing some worst case scenarios, or not? Let's proceed for now, as if we are! It's an exercise.
Continuity Focus Follow-through
Do we update our opinions? Is political correctness updated properly? Or is it just another family business?
The economy machine -- everyone is grounded to the currency system for rewards, penalties, freedoms and limits. Meanwhile, currency’s correlation to values is not mapped.
Are the real treasures of life being inventoried? Currently we’re always distracted because it’s our duty to participate in the marketplace and create new currency flow. What does that do to our priorities and assessments?
Risk assessment, Protocols, Goals
Processes (Natural process, market process, intellectual process)
Tension between Alliances and Evaluators helps bring light on priorities
If you feel moral, then you feel your facts and values are correct. But are they? How do You know?
Equations can be devised to plug every opinion leader’s opinions into … that show each ideology’s present opinion of each issue. The equation can be acceptable to major conflicting schools of thought. Their plug-in variables vary, and their data varies.
Their point of view may be an important cause of the variance, and yet often there are simply information glitches.
Processing Sources of Actionable Awareness
Objective new information can improve our beliefs
These affect the protocols at each level of society
Symbolic inputs (abstract or observed) are codes that reflect the changing beliefs -- or reinforce the unchanging beliefs.
Love: even this can lead to goals that are not optimum when technical Information and feedback loop are inadequate.
Maybe there’s not a word above Love yet, for Strong Love with Strong Logic Together
. Eco Optimum Academy: Always, in some degree, universities are not teaching optimums. Without being sour-faced kill-joys, we can improve. Social ostracism rituals may sometimes seem to be the only thing that unifies today’s universities.
Their teachings in social issues may exclude whoever it would seem fun to exclude, based on their dull, inaccurate understanding of history that was distorted by professionals for the con game at hand. Today’s popular pets for the university crowd will grow up to partly take over the system and, ironically, their group may punish the group that let them in. Today’s universities may seem to some observers to be training a generation of dullards who are led by predators on the lookout for original thought in the real world… Which they can purloin and inject into the mill to make it seem fresh and alive, even though it is not. In this model, they live to collect money and screw up the world.
This can all change. It has changed before.
Will the guidelines for immediate action be rigorously calculated with a feedback loop and honest updating, or will they be achieved mostly by easy consensus?
One acceptable definition of evil is hasty, irreversible action by good people based on miscalculations and poor quality information. It is necessary to repeat and practice many times the improved information for these to take hold in the minds of our people. And each generation is providing community hard wiring for continuity about what’s important, in some degree, for the next… or it’s mostly lost. Community hard-wiring is the strong perpetuation of the most important values and knowledge. Education is supposed to be the transmission of civilization or some such thing.
Computers don’t forget in the same way as humans, but there are problems in that area too.
Values come from Experience, Tradition, Empathy, and accepted teachings. Consensus may overturn personal values.
Hazards in Consensus include Bullying, Tyranny of the majority, Suppression of Qualified feedback, and severe prejudice blocking learning. Mostly these hazards come from the lack of a popular theme being instilled in people, that celebrates reaching for the best available science even when the group doesn’t understand it yet.
So, in short, we'll pay ATTENTION! We'll find the way to pay while the paying is still good.
Well do it because we're focusing! And we'll do that because we're realizing that LOVE is there to be Secured and Increased. Can we still find the groove while we depart from easy consensus?
Yes, we can have a great party and find love. So why not do it?
You will? Great!

Next week (August 24): Securing the future for Love in a world of evolution and the marketplace
-- We’re building our future Home in this world
But the next generation has to live in it.
Quote of the Week (great article):

. Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain


^ (pictured) George Heron Milne. Part of his story is told at this link at Wikipedia .
Like all of us, he cared, he tried, and he mattered.