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This is not:
a university course
a religious sermon
a new philosophy.
This is
a systematic creative process
that will harness information theory, serendipity, and the power of breaking bonds of ignorance.
. Here it is: Blog 1 of 6 to come
Information muddle?
Am I communicating with someone who is offering value for value, or am I just throwing it out there? If I really knew what I'm talking about, wouldn't I be speaking directly to someone who has hired me to advise them? Let's leave that question for future reflection.
There is a shadow hanging over us. There is a need for creative communication... so I've begun now, before I'm ready to finish.
We have a million things to do, to decide, and to find out. A million things we care about may depend on the road we take... or make.
So we'll begin at the bottom of this information well, where I don't know who's reading.
That's right. Maybe You can do better than this. Please try.
Next week (August 17): Real world risks and priorities
-- how much attention are we paying?
How could we ever "pay" it?
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In the picture, shadows fall one way... and reflections fall another direction.
Reflections follow our eyes -- if we move, they continue to reflect to where our eyes look from; and they don't seem to affect the water at all! ...but shadows fall away from the source of energy; they don't follow our point of view, but stay where they are -- and shadows change the temperature of the water under them.

While we ponder what is happening, changing nothing (reflection), some things are already certain and have real consequences (shadows) and deserve our creative preparations for action even before we have the whole plan in place.
"Science and Peace will triumph over Ignorance and War. Nations will unite, not to destroy, but to build, and the future will belong to those who will have done the most for suffering humanity." -- Louis Pasteur
Someone might add "... or who ever is picking their pockets."
Many are they who monitor society and obtain their living by skimming or controlling the flow of value. It's almost always legitimate skimming. Who does this? Lenders, bankers, religions, news gatherers, spies, therapists, paparazzi, government agencies, fraternal orders, and hackers/pirates are all part of the gum which holds society together... almost too much gum.